Meditation and Herbal Essences



Meditation is the act of clearing one’s mind of the cobwebs and problems they face day to day, allowing for relaxation and focus instead of clinging to anxieties throughout the day. With practice it has been shown to be great at increasing one’s wellbeing and helping work through depressions and anxieties. It allows for the organization of our life’s problems. Think about the shower thought, the great idea we couldn’t come up with before because we had been thinking on it too hard and once we find ourselves relaxed in the shower it just comes to us naturally. That is a form of meditation in itself, allowing the brain the naturally process things in the background as it tries to do anyways without our conscious intervention and neuroticism that come with it. Still, this is easier said than done. It is difficult to turn your thought process off at will, there is a solution for this though. Herbal Essences from certain types of flowers can help your meditation in big ways.

Essences are quite easy to use, many forms are available dependent on the plant. Generally some mixed with a bottle of water or in incense form to inhale are common. Others like to use lotions or oils rubbed externally on the skin for the most effects. Still others like to spray it around the room in a bottle so it lightly covers everything in the meditation area. Whatever way you would like to use these, be sure to use the right essences for your particular problem.

Some of the most popular of these types of Herbal Essences simply help aid one to let their mind drift away, of these Cannabis is one that is widely available and used extensively grown from Cannabis seeds This can be the hardest part for many, allowing your consciousness to cease for a time so it is not surprising many need aid in this part. The Rainbow Cactus is a great essence for this particular category, as it is purported to help allow your mind to let go of what it is thinking of and help move to a place beyond this. It lets you let your mind think deeper than it normally would, looking to a corner of your mind that you might not have seen before.

Night Blooming Cactus. This cactus blooms at night and the flower lasts only one day. Pioneertown, Mojave Desert, California.

Many have an innate fear of letting go, maybe they don’t trust themselves or dislike certain parts of their mind. This is common in those with anxieties and depression, as seeing that part of their brain is something they immediately recoil from helping cause those problems to begin with. For these people there is the Queen of the Night Cactus. It helps users look into themselves deeply, and see the connections between these dark spots of their mind and feel a tranquility about who you are and what you think.

For those that simply find meditation to be too difficult and are finding it to be a struggle more so than a relaxation exercise, there is the Indian Root. It helps the users let go of the idea that the only good things in life have to be struggled and fought for through hardship to achieve. It allows a perspective change between these two conflicting ideologies between the grind of modern life and meditation. Many find meditation to be incredibly simple when we let it be what it is, simplicity itself.

Another common problem faced by those who attempt to meditate is the simple problem of agitation. Many go into meditation to solve a problem, one that is affecting you negatively most likely, and may feel agitation and disquieted because of it. This can be a problem, as meditation requires some amount of inner-peace to be effective. The flower essences that help solve this issue are another of the most common.

Deep breathing is important to resolve an agitated attitude. Shallow breathing can make one agitated, but being upset can cause shallow breathing. It’s cyclical like this in many cases and is very hard to get out of. For those experiencing this issue there is the Bougainvillea. Short, quick breaths cause your mind to race out of hand, and allowing for deep, longer breaths the mind slows in the same way. The Bougainvillea helps with this, allowing your mind and body to relax and let go.

Tropical flower

Many of us live in a state of constant over-stimulation. It isn’t natural to be able to be contacted by anyone all day every day and have constant sources of entertainment at our fingertips.  Our minds can become overwhelmed by all of this information and potential events, making information from within very difficult to process. The essence of the plant Fair Duster has you covered here, as it has a calming effect on the central nervous system allowing you to slow your mind down and process information at a normal rate.

Not living in the present can be a major issue for those attempting meditation. Whether you can’t stop looking ahead to the future or are stuck on something that happened in the past, it is detrimental to your mental health and for sure makes it hard to meditate. For this, theirs is the Strawberry Cactus. It is a plant that is known to help stop taking oneself so seriously. It is good to put importance on events in your life, but if you can’t sit back and enjoy life for what it is then what is the point of it anyways? Don’t waste your energy planning on dealing with things you cannot control, be proactive in your life and worry about your present.

There’s many more types of herbal essences out there that can help from a huge variety of mental problems and help you go deeper into your meditative trances. Meditation is hugely important for mental health, with many doctors even recommending it to their patients who find themselves in depressive funks or anxious states often. Even as little as 15 minutes a day can help one find some inner-peace and return to a more natural state for a time.